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  Standing seam metal roofing has been utilized by builders for decades and is gaining in popularity among homeowners looking to invest in a durable, long lasting, energy efficient and environmentally friendly premium quality roofing system lending peace of mind for decades to come.  J&S Sheet Metal offers two standing seam roofing profiles direct from our own standing seam roll formers giving the customer additional cost savings as well as dealing direct with the manufacturer.  Our standing seam panels are available in a large color pallet and out of 24 or 26 gauge painted steel as well as in copper and aluminum.

  • FF150- Offers panel widths from 12"-24" with a standing rib of 1-1/2" and an integrated fastening flange.  Available in smooth or striated finishes.
  • NL100- Offers panels in 12" or 16" widths with a standing rib of 1" and an integrated fastening flange.  Available in smooth or striated finishes.

  J&S Sheet Metal carries all fasteners and adhesives as well as the ability to fabricate and supply all trim metal such as eave trim, ridge and hip flash, rake trim, valley, gutters, fascia, end wall and side wall, j-channel and rat guard along with any other necessary break metal to finish the job.  We also carry a line of both wall and soffit systems to really complete the metal package.