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  Collecting water run off from your roof and carrying it to the downspouts to be dispersed away from the structure is the purpose of a gutter system.  Selecting the proper gutter size for the volume of water run off is essential.  Gutters commonly are available in five and six-inch depths however depending on the size of the roof those standards can change and gutters may need to be larger.  J&S Sheet Metal offers a wide variety of gutter sizes, designs, materials, gauges and colors in both flanged and flangeless applications.  Gutters can be fabricated to custom requested details and be fit with t.p.o and/or p.v.c roof flange additions for easy heat weld applications.  Our gutters are available in standard ten foot lengths or can be fastened to length with painted steel or soldered to length in galvanized.  Sometimes there is a need to direct the water to certain points for removal therefore our tapered system is utilized.  J&S also carries all necessary accessories such as factory fabricated miters, end caps, external gutter hangers and outlets.