3 Myths about Metal Roofing You Should Stop Believing

In our years of working as a provider of fabricated metal, we've heard all the rumors surrounding the use of metal roofing. Even when we're talking to clients, common misconceptions about steel or any other metal roofing material will pop up in the discussion. J&S Architectural Sheet Metal is here to debunk all the myths and give you the real facts about metal roofs.

Myth: Metal Roofs Easily Rust

Many people have the notion that everything made of metal will easily rust and succumb to outdoor elements. There are those that claim their metal roof suffered from extensive corrosion and damage even just after a year of installation.

Fact: Metal Roofs Have Special Coating to Prevent Corrosion

Most metal roof materials have a special coating to prevent rust and moisture build-up, which, in turn, prolongs the life of your structure. J&S Architectural Sheet Metal, for instance, uses high quality sheets and non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, and copper for roofs.

Myth: Metal Roofs are Easy to Dent

"Just a couple of hailstones are all you need to dent a metal roof," says one source. The metro Detroit area is annually showered with torrents of wind, rain, and hail, so it's natural for businesses and homeowners to be constantly worried about these elements damaging their properties

Fact: Metal Roofs are Highly Resistant to Weather Damage

We are well aware of how severe Detroit storms can be, and how detrimental these can be to properties. Roofing manufacturers come prepared, though. The materials we use in fabricating metal roof sheets are made to withstand high winds and hail storms.

Myth: Metal Roofs will Cause My Property to Heat Up

Yes, metal is one of the best conductors of heat. No, this doesn’t work the same way for metal roofs. Most people have the notion that metal roofing will make their properties hot and uncomfortable during summer.

Fact: Metal Roof Can Repel Heat

Metal roofs actually have energy-efficient qualities that allow them to repel heat and keep your property cool during warm days. According to studies, metal can reduce about 34 percent of the heat entering your property.

Metal roofs may not be as popular as asphalt shingles, but these still have strong points that make them an ideal choice for many homes or business properties. If you want to know more about metal roofing material, J&S Architectural Sheet Metal will gladly walk you through each type. Contact us today for more information!

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